What is 1 Point CompleteCloud ?

1 Point ClompleteCloud is our premier cloud offering that combines productivity, security and simplicity into a comprehensive IT solution.  CompleteCloud is different because it really is all-inclusive.   There’s no capital outlay and you are just billed monthly for the number of users you have.  If you hire a few new engineers one month, we’ll just add them to the bill.  If you terminate an employee, you won’t be billed for that employee on your next bill.  With every CompleteCloud package, you get fast and secure cloud desktops, unlimited support, new hardware and your internet costs are included.  So, yes, it really is all inclusive!  And it’s a solution designed to provide your employees with full productivity no matter where they are (no more slow VPNS!) and reduce your IT worry down to zero so you can focus on your running your business, not on which server or workstation is giving you fits on any particular day. Read more