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Outsourced IT – Is It Right For You?

Maintaining the IT infrastructure for any business, even small ones, isn’t easy and it requires a lot of different skills which are nearly impossible to find in one person.  There’s the obvious day-to-day desktop support and server management.  But there’s also cloud services to be supported, web sites and databases to be taken care of, […]

Moving Your IT To The Cloud

Many of the posts on this blog have been about cloud services and that’s because so many of our clients are looking at migrating their IT infrastructure (their shared files, backups, email, applications and many times their whole desktop experience) to the cloud. But how do you know if it’s a good fit for your […]

What is 1 Point CompleteCloud ?

1 Point ClompleteCloud is our premier cloud offering that combines productivity, security and simplicity into a comprehensive IT solution.  CompleteCloud is different because it really is all-inclusive.   There’s no capital outlay and you are just billed monthly for the number of users you have.  If you hire a few new engineers one month, we’ll just […]

When Defenses Fail

If you are doing things correctly, you’ve got a solid firewall protecting your network, enterprise-grade endpoint protection on each computer and (hopefully) some reliable content filtering in place to keep your employees (and your business!) safe.  But there could be one very import piece missing here – – how do you know when these defenses […]

The Case for Unlimited Support

People are used to buying their IT support on a “pay as you go” basis – – you need 3 hours of support to fix an issue, you pay for 3 hours of consulting time.  Seems pretty reasonable to me.  But, for many companies, it’s actually a very expensive and inefficient way of getting your […]